Pop Up Asia is the first trade fair dedicated to foster creative dialogue among handicraft entrepreneurs, artisans, designers, manufacturers, suppliers and organizers in Asia. Pop Up Asia creates a platform for these energetic entrepreneurs to show their innovative ideas and creative works and build up their sustainable business.

The word “POP” in Pop Up Asia stands for 3 words, P for Personal Style, O for Original Ideas and P for Partnership.


P-Personal Style Integrate living with creativity and could transform passion into a living.
O-Original ideas Establish heart to heart communication between handicraft entrepreneurs in difference cities across Asia.
P-Partnership Build cross-border cooperation with handicrafts entrepreneurs, retailers, buyers and suppliers in Asia


Asia Vision ,Creators Touch
Fusing Asia’s Handmade Design, transforming passion into a living

POP UP ASIA, recommended by C PLUS CULTURE, is Asia’s first art organizer and exhibitor gathering Handcraft Entrepreneurs from Asian countries for cultural exchange. Through Asia’s distinctive culture, creativity and viewpoint, POP UP ASIA provides sustainable business models and platforms for fellow Handcraft Entrepreneurs, including designers and artists, to make a living doing what they love.


POP UP ASIA, the Asian Handmade Ecosphere
In 2016, POP UP ASIA held the first exhibition; more than 100 handmade brands; artists and designers participated from 8 different cities and 7 countries from Asia.  The 4-day long art fair brought an exposure to more than 5 million people with a total attendance of 12,000 visitors and more than 100 buyers and business opportunities presented. The retail transaction sales were projected to be over one million Taiwanese Dollars.



Links Creativity and Business Model

Present the craft entrepreneurial experience through four major categories:


  • Made by Hand:

Individually and handmade produced with high quality materials and unique design.

Ceramics, home décor, wooden furniture, handmade jewelry, accessories, textiles, and artworks.


  • Limited Production:

A growth and development stage of company with unique and distinctive characteristics and limited production.

Apparel, bags, illustrations, stationery, creative gifts, metal crafts, perfume, accessories, other specialty design products.


  • Locally Made:

Represent Asian local culture in its design, materials and production techniques, which depict uniqueness of each country.

Unique and authentic products to represent Asian culture


  • Customization Service:

Products design could be communicated in order to reach customer satisfaction

3D and paper printing, DIY, leather, wooden and fabric products



In 2016, POP UP ASIA held the first fair more than 7 Asian countries, 8 different cities and 100 handicraft brands participated. The 4-day long fair brought an exposure to more than 3 million people with a total attendance of 12,000 visitors, more than 100 buyers and business opportunities presented. The second POP UP ASIA in 2017, has gathered 8 Asian countries, 14 different cities and more than 120 brands. Within 4 days, there are more than 27,000 visitors and 5,000,000 of media engagement have been reached.

This year, Pop Up Asia 2018, which collaborate with more than 20 different Asian cities and 300 brands will be participated. There will be 3 major of feature areas, 4 main themes categories presented. The number of participants is expected to reach 35,000 visitors and the sales are projected to exceed 2 million USD.