POP UP ASIA STORE, the hand-made goods store of Asia is now entering Malaysia

POP UP ASIA STORE will end its Red House Theater Tour on 4/9. Partnering with over 30 Asian brands, held over 20 Asia handicraft workshops in total, and reached over 80,000 store visitors, we envision the possibilities of the Asia creative life together. The next stop of POP UP ASIA STORE is the Publika Shopping Gallery of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are going to exchange different collaboration possibilities with our handicraft fellows of Singapore and Malaysia, and provide a creative space for brands and their visitors to interact.

POP UP Malaysia is now recruiting

Besides the hand-made goods store in Publika Shopping Gallery, POP UP ASIA will also be collaborating in Pop Up Malaysia with our Malaysian partner Chai Diam Ma, to help introduce the creators of Malaysia to all the handicraft enthusiasts of Asia. Pop Up Malaysia aims to develop and promote the creative markets of Malaysia and the rest of the world, and inject revolutionary power into traditional arts, while at the same time leading people into discovering the hidden potentials and product quality in these markets.

The second annual POP UP ASIA will start soon

Besides having new Asian cities as partners, the second annual POP UP ASIA will also provide a more diverse experience of Asian culture, and an exhibition of an innovative handicraft business model, to match the spirit of “bringing handicraft groups of Asia together, and make the things you like to do part of your life” of the Asia handicraft exhibition. Be sure to check out the PUA official website and Facebook page for the latest news.

We’ll be announcing the recruiting details of Pop Up Asia Store in Malaysia at the end of March, so don’t miss it if you want to enter the Malaysia market. POP UP ASIA will also provide market information and marketing business plans to all participating brands, to create more possibilities in the development of the Asia market.



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