POP UP ASIA Introduction

Asian Viewpoint, Creators’ Touch

Facilitate interaction between Asian artisans and platform groups.

Provide creators, sales channel buyers, manufacturers and investors wishing to know more about the Asian handicraft market with opportunities for partnership and exchange via international forums and business conventions.


Create a uniquely Asian handicraft entrepreneurial spirit.

Presenting the entrepreneurial experience via four major categories – hands-on creating, individualized mass production, local manufacturing, and customized service, with an aim to finding the best business models and sales channels.


Build an Asian perspective through cultural exchange among Asian cities

Merging local elements with artistic skills to create diverse, multi-faceted experiences. Fostering dialogue among different Asian cultures from an urban curatorial standpoint.


Core Value-Linking Creativity and Business

Seeks balance between business models and the creative life from a supply chain perspective. Foster interdisciplinary/cross-industry collaborations as a trade fair committed to exchange among nearly 100 Asian artisan enterprises.

Asia Link’ is the theme of Pop Up Asia 2018. It signifies a wish to redefine Asian culture and nurture more interdisciplinary partnerships through creativity and originality.

|Things to Note|

1. Due to some domestic brands and overseas brands cannot issue invoices,
for the unified site tax operation, organizer will issue a general invoice.

  1. The cash register will be provided at the scene. After receiving payment from each customer, exhibitors will proceed to designated cash register for issuing invoices.
  2. After the exhibition, General Assembly staff will reconcile with each brand for transactions and gather invoice receipts then unified the payment of funds to each exhibitor’s provided designated bank account.
  3. In the above checkout process, the General Assembly will only implement the collection and the distribution of the fund. There will be no commission fee involved.
  4. Exhibitors are strictly required to follow the entry and exit time.
  5. No person should distribute flyers in public areas or place any items except the organizers.
  6. The display range of the brand is limited to only inside the booth. Handing out promotion items, catalogs, publications, souvenirs and other publicity items related distributions are PROHIBITED at the public facilities and area such as walkways. As for violation, the organizer preserves the rights to remove all items in public area.
  7. The participation fee is NOT refunded once the payment transaction is made. The rented booth by exhibited brands or company and the name of applied exhibitors shall NOT be transferred to others.
  8. The organizer preserves the right to revise the information and content presented in this document anytime according to needed situations.


Download  2018 brief : http://bit.ly/2tRxPvA



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